Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A Year in Perspective....

Well, its taken me a whole year almost to get this page together for you. I wanted to leave something behind that is a daily journal for not only your family members that truly love and miss you, but a testimonial to each and every person that visits this page in which their lives was also touched by your existance.

It's truly been a rough 2010 since you've been gone and we are embarking on your 1 year Homegoing Anniversary date. It's been a very testing time for us all, full of the 1sts without you. Birthdays, graduations, first Easter, first Thanksgiving, first Christmas, and even first New Year's Eve - your birthday!!! And even when we sit and think about how much we miss you dearly with the tears ferociously flowing, we are comforted and delighted that you were and are a child of God and His plans for you to be with Him was no mistake!!!

We take life and the people in them for granted most of the time. I'll admit it, I have too! We are all human. Yet, it saddens my heart because I know you were going through some things and I only wished that I could've reached out a little more being the eldest sibling. Even in the midst of it all, you prayed and you worshipped God like there was no tomorrow. Your perseverance and faith is what inspires me each day!! No more disappointments, no more regret. No more pain and sorrow, what ever it was that life threw at you, your struggles are finally over!! So cheers to your life, your memories, and one day we will definitely meet again!!!...I love you lil sis!!


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