Monday, January 17, 2011

The Love In My Heart

I have so many things to say,
I don’t know where to start.
So I guess I’ll just begin with
Saying what’s within my heart!

I’ve had my ups and downs,
My good days and my bad.
I’ve had many happy moments
And some that were quite sad.

I’ve had times of true despair
And days of complete distress.
I’ve had my share of trials
Putting me to the test.

But I know the hard times
Never come without the good.
I know the rough spots are for
Teaching me as they should.

I have faith in every second,
That I’m not feeling my best.
Because I know the Lord loves me
As much as all the rest.

He cares for every waking moment
He loves me dear and true.
He loves me as His Child I am
And He knows I’ll make it through!!

He takes my hand to walk with me
And reminds me there is hope.
He guides me through the darkest path
And ensures me I can cope!!

He loves me each and every day.
He promises never to leave.
He celebrates my faith in Him
Of this I do believe.

I share these thoughts with you today,
So you too will surely see.
His love for you is promised
To last for all eternity.

So take your moments of unhappiness,
And lose them in the air.
Know the Lord loves you dearly
And will forever be there.

I wanted to remind you how much
You are loved each and every day…..

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  1. Quesha you did an excellent job of creating a site in rememberance of your sister Chastity. Its's beautiful and pays homage to one of "God's angels." May she rest in peace and know that we all loved her. Luv Auntie Sherene