Family Pics

"The love of a family is life's greatest blessings."

Chelsea (Neice)

Charles (Father) and Sherene (Aunt)

Bishop James (Grandfather) and Mary (Grandmother) Bell Sr.

Debra (Mother)

Trinity (Neice) and her mother Shoshana (Sister)

Donya (Aunt) and her children, Maureen, Jeramee, and Jasmin (cousins)

Richele (Aunt)

Charles Jr. (Father), Linda (Aunt), Charles Sr (Grandfather), and Sherene (Aunt)

Shere, Linda, Charles, and Deborah (Father and Aunts)
Neices and Nephew
Lexus (Cousin)
Servadio (Brother)
Jarris (Tre) (Cousin)
Steve (Uncle)
Reshawn (Nephew)
Aletta (Cousin)
Derek, Rosie, Vette, and Ariel (Cousins)
Shaina (Cousin)

Kevin (Spiritual Uncle)

Shae and Justin (Best Friend, road partner, brother in Christ)
Carolyn (Aunt)
Chelsea and Tavaizha (Neices)
Kimani and Chyreece (Cousins)
Lano (Uncle)
Shaniqua (Neice) and Shoshana (Sister)
Antoinette (Cousin) and her mother, Wendy (Aunt)
Marquesha and Family (plus two of Aunt Wendy's kids)

James (Uncle) and Khalil (Cousin)


Living God Sunshine Band (mostly consist of cousins)

And a whole host of other family members, church family, friends, etc......I am sorry I wasn't able to post everyone's picture (Mostly cuz I dont have em all) but you are not forgotten!!!...(If you want to be included, email me a pic ;-p)